BAY RIDGE - One Brooklyn community is calling for longer limits on its parking meters so residents can shop and eat without constant worry.

Residents in Bay Ridge say there is a lot of double parking and meter maids waiting for you to break the law, allowing for plenty of parking tickets. The meters in the community are only good for 60 minutes.

James Clark, president of the 5th Avenue Business Improvement District(BID), says that 5th Avenue is a tough place for both workers and residents to park.

The BID has proposed to the Community Board and the city that meters allow residents to park for at least two hours instead of one. Clark says the 330 businesses that line the 20-block stretch of Bay Ridge are not ones that residents can just pop in and out of.

The Community Board plans to have a vote on the proposal this week. The Department of Transportation (DOT) plans to hold a study of the parking issues over the next three months to see if the proposal would work. If the DOT approves the proposal, the meters will not change until the beginning of next year.