BROOKLYN - Drivers in Bay Ridge say traffic light troubles are creating a stop-and-go ride all along Fourth Avenue.

Commuters say the busy road, which runs all the way from their neighborhood into Downtown Brooklyn, has been a nightmare since the city reduced the speed limit to 25 mph.

Drivers complain that traffic signals were never adjusted to work with the new speed limit, causing them to only be able to travel the short distance between each light before having to stop again.

News 12 Brooklyn noticed that the traffic light changes are out of sync. The next red light doesn't change to green until several minutes after the previous one.

Residents are hoping that transportation officials will examine signal timing and make necessary adjustments for the entire length of the avenue.

News 12 Brooklyn spoke with a member of Community Board 10 who said that they are asking the city to look into the traffic signal patterns on Fourth Avenue and sequence them accordingly.

A spokesperson from the Department of Transportation says that it is studying the issue citywide and they will review corridors to see if re-timing is necessary. Drivers are advised to call 3-1-1 to report any complaints