BROOKLYN - Residents and local officials hopped on board a ferry out of Bay Ridge Wednesday to test out a Manhattan-bound route that could return to the neighborhood.

The passengers got on for service at the 58th Street Pier and took the 15-minute ride to lower Manhattan. Neighbors and elected officials are hoping the service will come back to the 69th Street Pier, where it took off from 10 years ago.

If ferry service returns, it may be due to the energy of Bay Ridge resident Heather McCown. Frustrated by her long commute to Manhattan, McCown started a petition to bring back ferry service. Thousands of residents and several local officials took notice and joined in the effort.

McCown held the demonstration to show how simple a ferry ride would be. The ferry stopped at the Red Hook Pier, 69th Street Pier and then lower Manhattan.

Residents say the ferry ride is a big difference from their hour-long train commutes. They say a new ferry stop would be great for the neighborhood.

The City Council still needs to approve the building of a dock before ferry service can return, which could be as soon as in several weeks.