BAY RIDGE - Members of the Bay Ridge community are making an effort to clean up their neighborhood after an increase in graffiti vandalism.

Residents say the graffiti is an eyesore for the quiet, safe area. "It's our community. We don't want to see it," says Eva Valenti.

Community Board 10 District Manager Josephine Beckmann says it's not unusual to see an increase in graffiti during the winter months when cleanups are more difficult, but hopes to put an end to the defacement. According to Beckmann, police are tracking graffiti tags already made by many artists.

"Someone gets caught several days later, those tags could be matched up with the person who's committing the vandalism," she says.

The community board is now organizing a large-scale graffiti removal effort. They're encouraging businesses and homeowners to call their office so they can be included in the clean-up.