BROOKLYN - Tenants of an apartment building in Bedford-Stuyvesant say they are living in poor conditions since a new management company stepped in and took over their building.

Bushburg Properties took over the unit on Fulton Street and Utica Avenue in February. Tenants say since then, garbage has started to pile up outside.

According to tenants, several fires were also reported, and the damage was not properly cleaned up. The elevators are also in need of repairs, they say. Other issues cited include mold, chipping paint and holes in ceilings.

The tenants and former employees rallied in front of the building Tuesday to let management know that they want better conditions and their jobs back.

News 12 reached out to Bushburg Properties for comment. The company says several of its workers quit their jobs and two others were fired. They are now trying to come up with a plan to keep up with maintenance on the residential unit.