BROOKLYN - A landmarked building in the heart of Bed-Stuy was recently revamped and is now ready to welcome five new commercial tenants.

A medical clinic, a nonprofit legal rights agency and mental health services are just a few of the services inside 619 Throop Ave.

Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation bought the building four years ago. After renovations, it carefully selected tenants based on the needs of the community.

"To have a real impact, not only on the building in terms of it being alive again and functioning, but also have an impact on the community and residents," says Jeffrey Dunston, of the Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation. “We were very deliberate in thinking about the types of businesses that we wanted in the property."

All of the spaces in the building have been rented out already. However, only two companies are completely moved in as of now.

Metro Urgent Medical Care is one of two tenants that have completely moved into the building.

"We saw it as an opportunity here. Obviously the community has done a lot with redevelopment as of late and the residents need a good medical facility to serve their needs," says Thomas Kelliher, of Metro Urgent Medical Care.

Two other spaces in the building are currently being negotiated.