BROOKLYN - A Bed-Stuy couple has created a group that helps feed and shelter stray, homeless cats in their neighborhood.

The Bed-Stuy Kitty Crew was created after Jill Riker and Jason Corso moved into their apartment and were greeted by a colony of stray cats.

The couple says all of the cats were hungry, and some of them were sick. They say they knew something had to be done.

Riker and Corso pay mostly out of pocket to capture the strays and get them neutered, spayed and fed.

Through the process, the cats are prevented from reproducing, which helps stop the cycle of strays.

In addition, the couple's home has turned into a safe haven for strays.

Riker and Corso currently have 11 cats living with them and are feeding many outdoor cats. They have also helped many homeless cats get adopted.

The couple says they hope their journey inspires others to help the animals in their neighborhood.