BROOKLYN - A Bed-Stuy man said Tuesday that the cops chased him down and stomped on his groin. 

The victim, Cory Green, and his father, John Green, said the incident happened Saturday night while he was at a friend's house. 

According to the family, the NYPD officers forced Cory to stand in a lineup outside the home. Police say they were searching for a robber when they approached Green. 

Cory says that officers threw him to the ground and he was kicked in the groin with an officer's boot.

"This is an outrageous example, if confirmed by internal affairs of actions, that should never be taking place by police officers in the city," says Sanford Rubenstein, Green's attorney. 

Investigators told News 12 that Green ran into a scaffolding and was injured.

The NYPD says the Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating the case.