BROOKLYN - Bedbugs are still taking advantage of mass transit to get around and spread out across the borough. 

According to the MTA, a conductor on a Coney Island-bound N train reported getting bit by a bedbug Monday afternoon. The train was removed from service and exterminators were immediately brought in. 

It's just one of at least four subway trains that the tiny insects have recently been spotted on, with three of them being N trains.  

The Health Department says that an adult bedbug is only about the size of an apple seed, while a baby is the size of a poppy seed. It recommends that anyone who thinks they see one call a licensed pest management specialist. Bedbugs are not usually known to spread disease, but you should see a doctor if a bite gets infected. 

There are also important ways to prevent a bedbug infestation. Officials say you should never take upholstered furniture that's left on the street and should reduce clutter in your home.