CONEY ISLAND - A pet owner's beloved parrot has gone missing in Coney Island.

John Garavuso, the owner of Pineapple the parrot, says that the bird was riding on the front of his scooter near Nathan's on the Coney Island Boardwalk, but when he turned around for a second, his pet was gone. Garavuso says that Pineapple's wings are clipped, so it is unlikely that he flew off. He says that he thinks Pineapple was stolen.

Garavuso, who has owned Pineapple for six years, says that he paid over $1,200 for the yellow-naped amazon that has been missing since May 10. He has put up several fliers since Pineapple's disappearance, but has had no luck finding the bird.

Garavuso is retired, lives alone and says that his birds are his life. He is offering a reward for the safe return of his parrot.