BENSONHURST - A Bensonhurst resident is accusing traffic agents of turning a blind eye from a chronic meter dodger.

John Bluemke tells News 12 a car has been parking illegally in the area daily. He says traffic agents ignore the vehicle because an NYPD vest is posted behind its windshield.

Bluemke says the issue does not affect him personally because he does not own a car. However, he says he is bothered by the situation because of what he calls favoritism on the part of the traffic agents, and also because a driver is dodging meter tickets.

News 12 spoke with the owner of the car off camera, and he denies the allegations. The man says he is rarely in the neighborhood, and when he is, he always feeds the meter.

The NYPD issued a response saying the commanding officer of the 62nd Precinct will be looking into the situation.