BROOKLYN - A Waldbaums store in Bensonhurst is one that could be in jeopardy after A&P food market filed for bankruptcy.

So far, A&P has put 118 stores up for auction.

"We're hoping for the best that there will be more buyers coming forward that would take the stores and take the folks that work there also," says Nikki Kateman, Deputy Director of Politics, Communications & Special Projects for Local 338, a retail, wholesale and department store union.

Even if the stores are bought, employees are still at risk of losing their severance packages.

"Companies that are potentially purchasing the stores would like them to keep the focus on staff and at the similar salary and benefits, so they can continue to serve the community and continue to support their families," Kateman says.

A hearing was held on Monday regarding A&P's motion to reduce severance pay. The judge encouraged both parties to come to an agreement before they return in two weeks.