BERGEN BEACH - Some local residents are speaking out against a bus company that moved into their neighborhood in early September, and is now about to open a second lot.

According to Frank Seddio, of Bergen Beach, a developer who built many of the homes in the area promised local residents that he would erect luxury houses on a nearby piece of property.

Around Labor Day, neighbors discovered that a fleet of 150 Atlantic Express buses came to occupy that piece of land.

Since then, people in the area have been complaining about loud noise that can be heard every morning when the buses are leaving the lot, and they say they are worried that pollution from the buses will damage a local creek.

?The buses run on diesel - this is not regular fuel,? Seddio says. ?We have the fuel trucks coming in and loading up the buses, and we have another problem with the buses idling."

Neighbors recently learned that a building located next door to the bus lot is going to be razed to make way for a second lot.

?That's 300 buses,? says Joe Malone. ?Would you like it in your backyard??

The community is asking city agencies to step in and conduct a complete environmental study of the area in order to make sure that pollution is not harming the creek or the surrounding area.

A spokesperson for Atlantic Express declined to comment on the issue.