BROOKLYN - To mark Bike to Work Week, the NYPD is rolling out a bicycle safety initiative.

Police are cracking down on drivers who violate bike lane rules. There are 1,000 miles of bike lanes marked throughout the city, with more on the way. Police are stepping up enforcement for violations like parking in the bike lanes, double parking and parking in no standing zones.

The Department of Transportation says around 86,000 New Yorkers commute by bike.

A group of City Council members and Citibike participated by kicking off the week with a ride from Brooklyn's Borough Hall to City Hall.

Bicycling advocates say that the city's designated bike lanes are often dangerous. They point to a video taken last week that shows a Fiat driver speeding down a bike lane in Queens.

"A collision between a person on a bike and a person in a car doesn't usually end well for the person on a bike," says bicyclist Eric McClure.