BROOKLYN - Rep. Anthony Weiner (D) has proposed a bill that will require states to log felony warrants, including murder, assault, rape and robbery into the FBI database.

While the NYPD is already required to enter the names of felons and fugitives into the database, Weiner believes that other states have failed to participate in the voluntary system. According to him, up to 1.2 million wanted felons are not in the national database.

Leslyn Stewart, an NYPD widow whose husband was shot to death on the job in 2005, is fervently supporting Weiner?s bill. Her husband?s killer had a warrant issued for his arrest three years before he killed Detective Dillion Stewart. Leslyn believes the murder could have been prevented had the killer been entered into the database properly.

Weiner also wants to create a $25 million grant program for state and local governments to improve their warrant databases.