EAST NEW YORK - The parents of a boy fatally stabbed inside an elevator last month threw a party Tuesday in his memory.

Prince Joshua Avitto, known as P.J., would have turned 7 years old this past Sunday. To celebrate, his parents and the East New York community threw a party at the Boulevard Houses, where the family lives.

Pictures of the boy were visible all around the party. Food was also provided and children played in a bounce house. Avitto's father said having the party made him feel "elated" to celebrate his son's life.

Avitto was fatally stabbed inside an elevator at the Boulevard Houses. His friend, 7-year-old Mikayla Capers, was also stabbed but has since been released from the hospital. Her family says she is recovering at home with her grandmother.

Suspect Daniel St. Hubert was arrested and charged with stabbing the two children.