BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn school aide was fired after being accused of inappropriately touching several female students at J.H.S 126 in Williamsburg.

According to the results of an investigation conducted by the special commissioner for the school district, Jonathan Williams, 28, sexually touched and behaved inappropriately toward at least nine female students since he was hired by the school.

The investigation cites one case in which Williams is said to have touched a student?s breasts during a game of tag in a dark auditorium.

The commissioner also accuses Williams of making sexual comments to students.

Investigators say students notified three officials at J.H.S 126 about the incidents, but they ignored the problem and failed to report it to the authorities. Instead, Williams was given a verbal warning. Now the officials who were aware of Williams? conduct face disciplinary action.

Williams has not only been fired, but he can no longer work in any capacity for the Department of Education. While the district attorney?s office is conducting the investigation, Williams remains free.

The Brooklyn district attorney?s office has to decide whether Williams should be charged with sex abuse.