CANARISE - Some Brooklyn bodegas are capitalizing on the cell phone ban in local schools by offering students a storage space for their devices for a small fee.

One bodega in Canarsie stores some 30 cell phones each day in brown paper bags for $1 each.

?I don't care about the money, the owner doesn't care about the money,? says a bodega worker who calls himself Sala.

Sala says it was the students who pleaded for the storage service, but he adds the owner of the store is very selective about whose phones he takes in.

?Some of them I take, some of them I don't because I don't want to have a problem,? the worker says.

Ivette Delgato, a Canarsie High School student, spends close to $200 a year for phone storage. She says it makes her feels safe to have her cell phone back in her bag on the long subway ride home.

?Calling my dad on my way home or something like that, letting him know where I am,? Delgato says.

Delgato?s father, however, says he would prefer to see free storage space offered by the school. Some schools were supposed to install cell phone lockers, but that pilot program has been held up since last September.

?Since the school [doesn?t] let her have the cell phone inside, that's the consequence I got to pay for,? says Juan Delgato.

According to the bodega worker, they may shut down the storage service because the responsibility for the pricey cell phones isn't worth the money they are earning in daily fees.