BROOKLYN - Residents of a building that was evacuated Friday due to nearby construction are awaiting word on when they can return home.

The city gave permission Tuesday to begin stabilizing the foundation of 318 Lincoln Rd. Residents at the evacuated building say the work at a construction site next door had caused the walls in their apartments to crack.

One neighbor said the construction felt like an earthquake.

The Department of Buildings ordered tenants to leave their homes when cracks were discovered in the foundation of their building. Inspectors issued a stop-work order and violations to the contractor.

The residents, many of whom had been homeless since Friday, met with city Councilman Matthiu Eugene Monday night to discuss their next step and decide what do about developer Vito Mosso?s project next door.

Two employees of the developer said that once the crack in the foundation is patched up, the residents could return to their homes. In the meantime, the evacuated tenants have been getting help from the Red Cross.

Eugene says he is in talks with the city on when the residents will be allowed back into their apartments.