EAST NEW YORK - A Brooklyn community is pushing back against a car dealership that has been parking its for-sale vehicles on neighborhood streets.

Some East New York residents are furious that World Luxury Cars has been taking up the already scarce parking spaces along Pennsylvania and Pitkin avenues.

?It's really hard to find parking,? says Gregory Milton. ?They should find another place.?

Ron Fidal, the manager and salesperson of World Luxury Cars, says there is another side to the story. According to Fidal, the dealership ended up with an excess of cars after a bad business deal. They were supposed to park the extra stock in the lot owned by a local gas station, but the agreement with the station fell through, and the dealership was forced to park its cars on the street.

?We made a mistake,? Fidal says. ?We thought it was going to work out, and it didn't work.?

The owners of the dealership say they received $1,000 in parking tickets and moved the cars.