BROOKLYN - Residents in Boerum Hill are calling on city officials to bolster traffic safety at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Hoyt Street, where people say they are afraid to stand on the corner.

There have been nine accidents at the intersection between April 1 and May 4 due to a faulty turn signal. Neighbors say eastbound cars are unaware there is a light giving westbound cars the right to turn, thus leading them to think the light is broken.

In an effort to increase safety, the Department of Transportation installed a left-turn signal last January, causing accident rates to drop by nearly a third from the previous year, officials say. According to the DOT, however, the number of accidents that occurred over the past month is unusual, and the agency is currently reviewing reports to determine whether there is a link between the accidents.

Neighbors suggest the DOT install a wait-for-the-green-light signal so that oncoming traffic will know the light at the intersection is not broken.