BROOKLYN - City Councilman Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn) and a staffer of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio are giving a heated recount of their arrests yesterday, saying they would not have been treated like criminals if they were white.

Speaking outside City Hall today, Williams and Kirsten John Foy say they were on their way to a luncheon for city officials near the Brooklyn Museum. After going through two police checkpoints, they approached a third, where they were stopped by officers.

Williams and John Foy say although they showed their badges that clearly identified them, some high-ranking police officials refused to let them pass.

Instead, they say they were pushed and handcuffed in front of a crowd of people.

Williams and John Foy emphasize that at no time did they attack the officers.

Both are calling for an apology and for sweeping changes in the police department.

Williams and John Foy did add that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was apologetic when speaking to them about the incident.