BROOKLYN - State lawmakers are hard at work dividing Brooklyn up in a redistricting shakeup, and Councilman David Greenfield says it's vital for residents to pay attention to the boundaries being proposed because they stand to lose their voting power.

According to the Democratic councilman, a new district has been proposed in his area that would merge portions of six heavily Jewish communities into a so-called "super-Jewish district."

Greenfield says lines should be drawn based on common interests, not religion.

"As a Jewish elected official, I'm outraged by that," he says. "I'm outraged for the Jews, and I'm outraged for the non-Jews."

Residents of Borough Park, Flatbush, Midwood, and parts of Marine Park and Kensington would have a single state senator, as opposed to the six they currently have.

Many are asking Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) to veto the proposed boundaries. Meanwhile, a state judge is pressuring lawmakers to agree on a redistricting proposal before March 15, or she will impose her own plan, which could result in the loss of Brooklyn's 9th District.