FLUSHING - Brooklyn cyclists are trying to get New Yorkers to be more aware of their fellow bike riders by setting up a memorial for a fallen bicyclist.

Luis Ramos was killed last June while riding his bike to work on Flushing Avenue. Police said a woman opened the door of her parked car and hit Ramos, sending him into the street, where he was hit and killed by a school bus.

To honor Ramos, and to raise awareness for bikers everywhere, Brooklyn cyclists have set up a ghost bike, which they consider to be a striking image. The ghost bike is painted all white and is intended to get people to stop and remember fallen bikers.

One resident who rides his bike to work every day said the sight of the ghost bike gave him chills.

The group also organizes memorial rides for people who are killed while riding bikes. Organizers said they try to set up the ride in January to honor everyone who was killed in the previous year. They want to keep the memory of the victims and the circumstances of their deaths alive.