BROOKLYN - A girl in Bath Beach is claiming her health has improved after meeting the pope during his United States tour.

Julia Bruzzese has been wheelchair-bound since she was diagnosed with lyme disease last year.

Bruzzese was given the chance to meet Pope Francis in September while he was in Brooklyn. She says since the pope blessed her, she has regained some mobility in her feet.  

Specialists have also stepped forward to treat Bruzzese after hearing about her story, and strangers have held fundraisers for her and her family.

A health care agency has also helped with the cost of her medication.

"I see the miracle that I wanted the pope to give me," she says. "Even though I didn't get up and start walking, just the point that we went from being so alone to now having so many people by our side."

Bruzzese's family says she has a long road ahead of her, but say they are hopeful that she can reach her goal of walking again.

Her family also says they want to help others dealing with similar ailments like hers.