BROOKLYN - A federal judge in Brooklyn sentenced the killer of two NYPD detectives to death Thursday.Ronnell Wilson, 24, was found guilty of killing NYPD Detective Rodney Andrews and his partner, Detective James Nemorin. He was convicted in December 2006 of two counts of murder, robbery, carjacking and firearms charges. On January 30, 12 federal jurors in the U.S. District Court in Brooklyn voted for the death penalty. The judge?s decision makes Wilson the city's first federal defendant to receive a death sentence since 1954, when it was imposed on a bank robber who killed an FBI agent. Andrews and Nemorin were in an unmarked police car when they met with Wilson to buy an illegal gun during a sting. Prosecutors say the defendant knew the two men were police officers and shot them execution-style. Wilson first shot Andrews, and then killed Nemorin, who pleaded for his life. Wilson said at the hearing, "I'd like to say to the family of the victims, I'm sorry." However, jurors said Wilson had shown no remorse for the killings.