BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn man was arraigned in Brooklyn Supreme Court Wednesday for allegedly posing as his deceased mother to scam the government out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Thomas Parkin and his business partner Mhilton Rimolo are facing a slew of charges, including grand larceny, for allegedly stealing $52,000 in Social Security and welfare benefits. Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes calls the case too weird for even a Hollywood movie.

At one point, Parkin and Rimolo were allegedly caught on a surveillance camera when they went to the Department of Motor Vehicles disguised as elderly women, complete with wigs and sunglasses, to renew the dead mother's driver's license.

The investigation into the alleged scam began in 2003, shortly after prosecutors say Parkin and Rimolo doctored the death certificate of Parkin's mother, Irene Pruskin.

The two suspects also filed a lawsuit against the man who bought Pruskin's Park Slope home, alleging real estate fraud. The new owner of the house says he did not know Pruskin died, but he suspected a hoax and in 2008 approached the district attorney's office.