BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn tenant claims the Deparmtent of Environmental Protection unjustly shut off his water even though he paid his bills on time.

The water was turned off in the house that Lazer Weiss shares with two roommates because according to the DEP?s records, the landlord of the residence incurred nearly $3,000 in overdue water bills.

The owner of the house, however, claims there has been a mistake, and the DEP is currently working with him to resolve the problem.

In the meantime, the tenants at the house have to face the embarrassment of having a spray-painted orange sign in their driveway, courtesy of the DEP, which reads ?Shut Off Water.?

Weiss, who runs a business from his office downstairs, says the sign is hurting his standing with his customers and turns potential clients away because they think he cannot pay his water bills.

The landlord of the residence say the DEP has agreed not to shut off the water. A technician will be sent from the department on Sept. 25 to inspect the meter.