DITMAS PARK - A Ditmas Park man says he will donate a nearly 12-foot Buddha pagoda to the Watt Samakki Temple.

A pagoda is a multi-tiered tower that is typically found is East Asia and India.

Savath Chan says he was inspired to create the shrine when he heard that many worshippers wanted a place to pray and leave offerings outside the temple.

"The older generation - the Cambodians - they believe that they have to go to actually see the sculpture to pray for good luck," he says.

People at the Watt Samakki Temple say they sought a place to pray outdoors. The temple's chairman, Heng Phem, says that the pagoda is a welcome addition.

"This kind of donation is very spiritual," he says. "It's helpful to our community and our religion."

A ceremony was held Saturday morning to officially dedicate the pagoda.