BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn mother is in the hospital recovering after she says she was brutally attacked by two pit bulls last week , and neighbors say they?re worried a similar incident could happen again.

Latoya Cabiness says she was leaving her apartment on Thursday when two pit bulls charged out of a neighboring unit and attacked her. When she tried to fight back, she and the dogs tumbled down three flights of stairs.

Neighbors say this isn?t the first frightening incident with the dogs. The building super says numerous complaints in the past prompted her to tell the dog owners to get rid of the pit bulls.

Officials say the dogs have been euthanized by the ASPCA. As for Cabiness, doctors have told her the chunk missing from her leg is so deep that they can?t stitch it up. They say she?ll need a skin graph and physical therapy, and she won?t be able to return to work for at least two months.