BROOKLYN - A Williamsburg nail salon is offering customers polish options that it says are healthier and more eco-friendly. 
Helen Ke, owner of PH7 Nail Couture, says her salon's goal is to lessen the harmful chemicals that customers and employees have to inhale. That's why all of the polishes at the salon are non-toxic, she says.
"We understand that the price might be a little bit on the higher end," said Ke. "But we feel it is certainly well worth it."
Ke said she always explains the different types of polishes and their ingredients to her customers, who appreciate the healthier options. 
"I don't mind paying a little bit more for something that I know where the product is coming from and I know what's in it," said Lauren Smith. 
Ke said she will continue her search for non-toxic products to bring into her store. She said her ultimate goal is to start her own eco-friendly nail polish line.