BROOKLYN - Brooklyn officials are condemning offensive comments allegedly made by several NYPD officers on Facebook about the West Indian Day Parade. In a series of posts from users who identified themselves as police officers, the terms "animals," "savages" and "filth" were used to describe parade participants. The comments have since been removed, but also suggested that future participants should "kill each other." The NYPD's Bureau of Internal Affairs (IAB) says it's investigating the matter, but several local politicians are urging Mayor Michael Bloomberg to transfer the probe to an independent agency. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly confirmed that 20 offensive comments were associated with names that match police officers. He says the IAB "has begun the process of interviewing those officers and, where necessary, subpoenaing computer records."Cops' alleged Facebook comments trash West Indian Day ParadeResidents question if it's time to end West Indian paradeBloomberg blames guns for violence after parade