EAST NEW YORK - Parents and teachers say they are being removed from what they call a successful charter school in East New York against their will.

The Department of Education moved East New York Preparatory Charter School to P.S. 158?s building last year. The department said the school would remain in that location for at least two years, but it is moving the school again after only a year.

The DOE says it does not know where the school will be located in the fall, but parents say they have been given a list of five options. They say all of them are inadequate.

Parents and teachers say they will be making calls, sending out petitions and doing everything they can to keep the school at the location.

Education officials say P.S. 158 had a higher enrollment for the coming fall than they initially predicted. A spokesperson said the issue is not the building?s capacity but ideal classroom capacity. P.S. 158 had already made a commitment to keeping its class sizes small.