BROOKLYN - Authorities say a Brooklyn professor is among three people who died after a shooting rampage in Pennsylvania last weekend.

The Pratt Institute is mourning the loss of 58-year-old professor Monica Shay, who was shot during an invasion at her vacation home in a suburb of Philadelphia. She died yesterday morning.

Police say a total of five people were shot execution-style at the home. Shay's nephew and a toddler were also killed in the shooting.

The toddler's mother and Shay's husband, Paul, are recovering from gunshot wounds.

The suspect, ex-convict Mark Geisenheyner, was killed in a police standoff. Police say Geisenheyner claimed Paul Shay had cheated him in an insurance scam.

The Shays ran a plumbing business on Grand Street in Williamsburg. Cops kill man in connection with shooting of 5, including 2 from BK