BROOKLYN - Voters trickled into polling places Tuesday to pick candidates for three Brooklyn judicial races, including one that could yield historic results.

"I don't care," one voter said of the contests. "What's important? The race for the president." While many seemed to share that individual?s sentiment, other voters enthusiastically said they feel judicial races are equally important.

Brooklyn's most watched contest includes the race for Surrogate Court judge. Two Democrats are up for the job, Manhattan judge Shawndya Simpson and Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Diana Johnson. Observers believe one candidate will make history as the borough's first black Surrogate Court judge if they beat the Republican candidate. The winner would preside over cases involving wills and estates.

Voters in two other districts are also deciding civil court judges in Brooklyn. The 5th District race includes former judge Karen Yellen and former Councilman Noach Dear. In the 6th District, attorneys Katherine Levine and Sharon Hudson are vying for a judgeship.

The civil court judges will hear mostly property and landlord-tenant disputes.

News 12 Brooklyn will have coverage of the races as results become available.