SHEEPSHEAD BAY - Residents are concerned about the safety of their water when dozens of dead fish appear in Sheepshead Bay.

This is not a new problem for locals. Dead fish have been an occurrence in the bay for years. This year, there has been a smaller number of dead fish than previous years, but residents say they are still concerned about the health of the water.

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) says that dead fish do not indicate unsafe waters. They say the small fish are forced upstream by larger fish. Once in the shallower water, the fish do not have enough oxygen to survive.

Assemblyman Cymbrowitz says dead fish are just a part of the cycle in the bay.

Some residents brush off the problem, saying the reason for the dead fish is overpopulation. However, one resident blames the construction going on across the bay for the dead fish. He says if the problem were simply overpopulation, all the fish in the water would be dead.

Regardless of the reason for the dead fish, residents still aren?t happy with the bay. They say the sight and smell alone caused by the fish should be enough reason to clean the area.

The DEC says that the tide should take care of the problem.