BROOKLYN - Some residents of the Taylor-Wythe Houses have filed a class action lawsuit against the New York City Housing Authority after the elevators in their building have been in consistent disrepair.

Tenant Association President Victoria John says the faulty elevators affect residents' lives daily. According to John, tenants with disabilities struggle to leave and return to their homes. John herself has been stuck in the elevator numerous times.

While News 12 Brooklyn was inside the building, residents were forced to manually close the elevator doors after several minutes of waiting for the elevator to work.

Last year, 5-year-old Jacob Neuman died when he fell down an elevator shaft after the doors opened in the middle of his trip. Andrew Ehrlich, the lawyer representing the Taylor-Wythe tenants, says the lawsuit isn't directly related, but residents believe NYCHA has a responsibility to prevent future tragedies.

"Our clients are not seeking a dime," Ehrlich says. "They're not seeking monetary damages; they're seeking a court order that the condition in public housing simply violates the law. It violates the Americans with Disabilities Act."

In response to the lawsuit, NYCHA says the majority of elevators are safe and properly serviced. A spokesperson says the authority has expanded inspection teams and will spend $107 million to replace about 550 elevators in the next five years.