DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN - More than 100 Brooklyn residents came out Monday to make their voices heard at the third and final Atlantic Rail Yards redevelopment project meeting.

Residents have had mixed opinions on the $4.2 billion project since it was first proposed by the developer. One issue brought up at this meeting was eminent domain. One resident says the developer should not be able to force businesses and residents out for his project. On the other hand, some residents feel the project will bring benefits to the area, such as affordable housing and job opportunities.

The Empire State Development Corporation Board, which held the meetings, will now review all of the comments made at the forums. The board will then hold a vote on the final impact environmental statement and the general project plan. After that vote, the project plans will be presented to the Public Authority Control Board, which approves all financial projects.

Residents that still want to voice their concerns about the project can mail them to the Empire State Development Corporation Board until September 29.

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