EAST NEW YORK - From gangs to drugs and broken homes, there are a variety of issues that can stunt a young person's education. One East New York School is working hard to give those looking for help a second chance at a future.

The Alpha School gives those so-called 'problematic' 17- to 21-year-olds who want help an opportunity to obtain a GED. Barry "Mr. B" Addison runs the school, which has been in the borough for nearly 40 years. Mr. B says what makes the school different is that the GED classes come second.

"Whatever problems that block them from learning or keep them ? from taking in this information and being able to contain it, we try to work with," Mr. B says.

Services at the Alpha School range from a drug treatment center to basic counseling. Mr. B says the school services don't just end with a GED. According to Mr. B, the school helps with everything from job placement to getting into the armed forces to SAT classes.

The Alpha School is licensed and funded by the New York State Office of Substance Abuse.

Alpha School