BROOKLYN - After beating 1,500 bands from across the nation, the Brooklyn Steppers received the opportunity to perform at President Barack Obama?s inauguration Tuesday.

The Steppers were accompanied by about 60 parents, who had to walk for miles and slowly make their way through the crowded streets of Washington, D.C. to get to the parade route, where their kids strutted for the first family and other dignitaries.

?It's like a dream come true to have the opportunity to play for a man of such power and be part of history,? says Jeffrey Rameau.

The band drove down on charter buses and stopped to rest at Dunbar High School in Washington, where the performers and their parents slept on the floor, giving little regard to accommodations.

Because of space limits, only 100 from the group of 150 were chosen to travel to the capital.

?I'm glad I?m here to honor my family and friends who couldn't be here,? says Chi Chi Bakr.

The Brooklyn Steppers are expected to perform in Senegal at the end of the year.