BROOKLYN - Brooklyn straphangers could see across-the-board fare increases if the state government refuses to bail out the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, according to a new independent budget analysis.

The report says commuters could be paying more than $100 for monthly MetroCards, $13 more for 14-day cards, $7 more for weekly cards and $2 more for one-day cards. The fare hikes are part of a plan to close the MTA?s $1.4 billion budget gap.

Straphangers, however, say the MTA chose the wrong time to raise fares, with many people out of jobs and struggling to make ends meet.

?The politicians never ride the trains like we do,? says rider Cager McAdoo. ?We're the ones on the trains; they're not here when nothing is working!?

According to the analysis, other proposed measures include eliminating subway and bus lines that are used less frequently and cutting service on the remaining lines, which would result in the loss of 2,800 jobs and increase rider wait times.

The MTA?s board is scheduled to vote on a budget during a meeting next Wednesday.