BROOKLYN - Students returning to school in Brooklyn next week will again have many adjustments to make, such as what to do with their cell phones.

The city?s Department of Education banned cell phones from schools in 2005, arguing that they disrupt the learning process. Many students, however, have taken creative measures to keep their essential accessory nearby.

"Every day [we?re] paying a dollar to leave our cell phones at the corner store," says student Marsha Mitchell.

Mitchell says she spent about $200 to store her cell phone at a store near Canarsie High School last year. Mitchell?s mother, Cynthia, says that she began to oppose the DOE ban after a few bomb threats at the school last year.

"I think it's a good idea for kids to have cell phones in case of emergencies,? Cynthia Mitchell says. ?They're able to reach their parents."

Others say that cell phones in the classroom are too distracting and detract from students? ability to concentrate and learn.

Last summer, News 12 Brooklyn reported on a proposed plan to test out cell phone lockers at select city schools. Officials with the DOE say that plan has now been shelved.