BROOKLYN - A 19-year-old Brooklyn woman has been charged with attempted murder and robbery in connection with the shooting of a cab driver.

April Pierce?s father, Arnold, told News 12 Brooklyn that his daughter didn't shoot the driver. He claims that from her jail cell, April said she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. She asked her father to bring a photo to police and tell them the girl they want is named Ivana, and said the third girl involved is named Erica Belgrave.

?[April] did not pull the trigger,? Arnold said. ?The other lady involved was the one that shot him.? However, April?s father makes it clear that his daughter should be held responsible for her actions. ?I?m not trying to sugar-coat anything,? he said. ?She?s wrong. She used poor judgment.?

Enois Malbranche, 62, was shot early Thursday morning after driving three women from one Brooklyn neighborhood to another. When he reached the destination, he was robbed and shot in the face. The bullet hit one of his eye sockets. Malbranche was taken to Kings County Hospital and is recovering from eye surgery.

Pierce was arrested Sunday. In addition to charges of attempted murder and robbery, she also faces a charge of criminal use of a firearm.

Police would not say if they are looking for the two women April Pierce told her father about. Click here to see more information about April Pierce?s arrest

Cabbie shot in eye; police look for 3 women