BROOKLYN - More than a dozen stores in Bedford-Stuyvesant benefited Saturday from a local teen?s vision to keep money in Brooklyn by shopping locally.

Fifty teenage girls from Bedford-Stuyvesant shopped at local stores using their ?Bed-Stuy Bucks,? which are part of the Born to Shop Locally initiative. The project was developed by 16-year-old Glynn Pogue, who says she came up with the idea to raise awareness among girls her age about local businesses.

?In the long run, the girls would be exposed to stores in their neighborhoods they probably wouldn't have known about,? Pogue says. ?And instead of going to the city and shopping over there, they might take a second thought and come outside and shop in their neighborhoods.?

The girls received 10 percent back when they exchanged their ?Bed-Stuy Bucks? for cash.