BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn woman is fighting her union to continue receiving medication in what she calls a ?matter of life and death.?

Lorraine Koch says her union, D.C. 37, will not sign off on her prescription to continue Prevacid. Koch has been battling what she calls a painful case of Dyspepsia for decades, and she says Prevacid is the only medication that has helped to relieve her pain.

The union is refusing her prescription due to Food and Drug Administration guidelines, citing potentially hazardous side effects, according to Koch. Supporters of Koch say those guidelines aren?t set in stone however.

?The F.D.A. guidelines are just that ? guidelines,? says Dr. Richard Schutzer, News 12 Connecticut?s medical consultant. ?They aren?t absolute rules about what should be prescribed or shouldn?t be prescribed.?

Representatives from Koch?s union say her case is currently under review.