EAST NEW YORK - Councilman Charles Barron demanded Wednesday a police officer lose his job for allegedly beating up a woman at an East New York block party.

The incident allegedly started over a fight about loud music during a Wyona Street block party last Saturday. Barron says the 75th Precinct cop provoked the incident.

According to Shameik Webb, the officer tried to issue him a summons for playing his car music too loudly. However, Webb maintains a permit for the block party was not yet expired. He says the officer ended up punching his 66-year-old grandmother Patricia Webb. A 15-year-old girl and a man who both tried to diffuse the situation were also allegedly assaulted.

According to Barron, the grandmother suffered internal bleeding and the man suffered a fractured jaw, while the girl was pushed into a fence.

A lawyer for the 66-year-old woman plans to take the case further if need be.

Officials maintain a crowd of about 20 people intervened while the officer tried to issue the noise summons. They say the block party permit was expired at the time.