BROOKLYN - Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the city will make sure its prepared for Hurricane Sandy, but insists there is no reason to panic.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has activated the state's emergency crews to monitor the storm as it makes its way north, threatening to bring heavy rain, high winds, flooding and even tornadoes early next week.

Bloomberg says he believes New York will have a better picture of what's coming by Saturday. He doesn't expect to have damage comparable to Hurricane Irene last year, but says Sandy should still be taken seriously.

Local residents can use this weekend to get prepared by organizing a 'go-bag' with items such as water, a first-aid kit, a flashlight and important medications. Residents are also encouraged to clear out any catch basins on your property that tend to flood during heavy downpours.

The mayor also warned about potential changes to the MTA schedule and school closings due to high winds. As of now, city schools have made no cancellations of classes. Any change in the current schedule can be found by calling 311 or on

Over the passed several days, Hurricane Sandy has left 40 people dead across the Caribbean.

Weather Update: All eyes on Sandy as weekend approaches

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