NEW YORK - Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Thursday that the city expects the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to confirm swine flu cases connected to P.S. 177 in Queens.

The school for autistic children is located a few blocks from St. Francis Preparatory School, where more than 150 students were sickened.

The mayor also says there were a high number of absences at P.S. 21 in Flushing, but health officials who visited the school have not documented flu cases there.

City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden says that there are 16 more probable cases of swine flu in New York City. Federal officials previously confirmed 51 cases in New York State, most of which came from St. Francis.

The World Health Organization also raised its tally of confirmed swine flu cases around the world to 236 in at least 11 countries.

Gov. David Paterson and state health officials say swine flu cases in the U.S. remain mild, and most patients have recovered without taking medication. There have been no reported deaths in New York, but a 23-month-old from Mexico died from the virus in Texas.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.