(02/16/07) BROOKLYN &舑; A day after standing firm on alternate-side-of-the-street tickets issued during the recent winter blast, Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R-NYC) pulled a 180 and apologized.

Several residents along Fairview Place thought alternate-side-of-the-street parking was suspended due to the inclement weather. Many were stunned to see tickets on their windshields Thursday morning. Residents say the tickets added insult to injury as they tried to cope with parking and driving during the wintry blast. In addition, some say they had difficulty moving their cars because they were blocked by plowed snow.

The mayor initially defended the tickets, saying in response to complaints by residents, &舠;They&舗;re going to enjoy it tomorrow when the streets are clean. I don&舗;t like to get up early either. I&舗;d like to sleep in too.&舡; However, Bloomberg announced Friday that all alternate-side-of-the-street tickets issued Thursday and Friday will be wiped out. The mayor apologized for the inconvenience, but said officials have to make various decisions during different types of weather situations.

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