BROOKLYN - Mayor Michael Bloomberg challenged data from the 2010 census saying Sunset Park and much of Brooklyn was undercounted.

Census figures released Thursday put the city's 2010 populationat 8,175,133, a 2.1-percent increase from 2000. Data shows that Brooklyn's population rose only 1.6 percent over the last decade.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he believed the countoverlooked many recent immigrants to the city. City demographic data show another 225,000 people in the region.

The census data also showed a growing Hispanic and Asian population. The data released Thursday show there were about 549,000 moreHispanic New Yorkers, an increase of 19 percent to about 3.4million. There were 375,000 more Asians, a 36-percent increase to1.4 million.

City leaders question 2010 Census accuracy